Data Transfer Middleware

Improved Accuracy

GRID® is a middleware interface running as a service that integrates NTAS® with any third-party system. It easily transfers mission critical data such as NAVs, general ledgers, trades, exchange rates and investors and related parties’ demographic information.

GRID® allows an organization to operate with maximum efficiency and reduces risk by enabling them to process large amounts of Fund, Investor, or Account data between NTAS® and any third party application with minimal human intervention.

Features of GRID® include:

  • Integrates NTAS® with third-party applications
  • Ability to create and update multiple NTAS® records seamlessly
  • Results are recorded and fully auditable
  • GRID® accepts files in CSV, XML, TXT, and other delimited text formats
  • Create Scheduled file export tasks for archive or review purposes
  • Automatically create reports to store on file servers or email to clients