Pension Funds

The basic goal of all pension funds is to provide comfort in retirement for their contributors. A critical part in achieving that goal is to leverage the latest technology. For more than a decade, KOGER® has provided software solutions specifically tailored to the needs of Pension Funds. Designed as a highly scalable, fully customizable system, PTAS® enables organizations to deliver the highest level of contributor service.

Solutions for Pension Funds and Pension Fund Administrators:

  • Employee data record keeping
  • Automated contribution process
  • Links all employee contributions
  • Employer contribution notification
  • Employees contribution across multiple funds
  • Employer, employee, voluntary contribution split
  • Employee asset allocation
  • Automatic data verification
  • Multiple currencies
  • Retirement details
  • Retirement notification
  • Beneficiaries
  • Reporting
  • Document tracking
  • Multi-layer security
  • Data export