Private Equity Software

Designed by the user, for the user, PENTASTM - Koger's Private Equity functionality was build utilising robust functionality to streamline and automate the administration requirements of a Private Equity Fund. It offers flexibility and greater control to the user in the processing of transactions whilst automating specific processes to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the provision of administration to these types of funds. PENTASTM allows for the administration of all Private Equity Fund structures such as Master Feeder, Fund of Funds and pure Private Equity funds.

Solutions for Private Equity Include:

  • Easy fund set-up options
  • Automated carried interest calculation, allocation and processing.
  • Automated calculation and allocation of Management Fees with built in, industry standard fee types.
  • Flexible Drawdown and Distribution transaction processing; allowing the user to define participants for allocation of such transactions.
  • Versatile set-up of Limited Partners Commitments at each stage of the fund launch.
  • Cash flow reconciliation on drawdown receipts for Investment Managers' investment scheduling.
  • User defined dashboard for quick accessibility and effective task completion.
  • Comprehensive suite of reports fulfilling standard investor requirements and meeting industry specific requirements as outlined by BVCA and PEIGG.