Pension Administration System

Purpose Built for Pension Fund Administration

PTAS® is tailored for the specialized needs of the pension-fund administrator. Designed for efficient recording of defined-benefits or defined-contribution plans, PTAS® minimizes labor-intensive activities by allowing direct import of employee contributions from an employer’s file.

With its sophisticated asset module, PTAS® lets an administrator allocate according to the specifications of an employee or employer, reducing paper flow and user errors. PTAS® increases the operational efficiency of an administrator by recording all employee and employers’ data and contributions in one centralized system.

Features of PTAS® include:

  • Employee Data Record Keeping
  • Automated Contribution Process
  • Links All Employee Contributions
  • Employer Contribution Notification
  • Employees Contribution Across Multiple Funds
  • Employer, Employee, Voluntary Contribution Split
  • Employee Asset Allocation
  • Automatic Data Verification
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Retirement Details
  • Retirement Notification
  • Beneficiaries
  • Reporting
  • Document Tracking
  • Multi Layer Security
  • Data Export