Report Distribution

The report distribution functionality within NTAS® enables users to track, manage and provide reporting to specific related parties within NTAS®. Related parties can be created at any level within NTAS® – Fund, holder, Fund Group, Account, Series or Portfolio.

Examples of Related Parties can include: Auditors, brokers, lawyers etc., and they can be set up on in NTAS® at a particular level to receive copies of various client reports.

Features of Report Distribution include: (click on a link for more information)

  • Archive Report Gateway (ARG)

    Complete, secure, yet accessible records are vital for efficient and transparent fund administration. Through the Archiving Report Gateway, clients can view… on-line… current records previously mailed or faxed to them. Administrators can use their intranets to view current, deleted, or expired records. NTAS® works with GRID® to archive reports into PDF form and to upload them to specified servers.

    Because it is vertically integrated with NTAS®, management of archived records is a snap. Through the ARG Manager, an administrator controls the type of records offered and their so-called “time to live.” Records are processed one by one or, quickly, through a batch process.

  • Email Report Gateway (ERG)

    Automated document delivery, by e-mail, makes ERG, the Electronic Report Gateway, a true money and time saver. The module integrates with NTAS® and PTAS® and accepts reports by batch delivery for automatic, transparent e-mailing to designated parties.

    An optional ERG-Encrypt version protects an e-mailed document by requiring the recipient to enter a valid password to view the document.

  • Fax Report Gateway (FRG)

    Working with the facsimile-server and document-delivery system RightFax, KOGER® has increased the efficiency of these otherwise labor-intensive processes of fund and pension-plan administration. The Faxing Report Gateway, or FRG, fully automates the process of generating and faxing single or batched reports, eliminating the time-consuming tasks of printing reports, sorting them, and then sending them out by fax.

    FRG hands generated reports from the administration system to the RightFax manager. That application collects generated reports and broadcast faxes them to appropriate destinations. Centralization of the faxing function as well as scheduling those jobs for non-peak hours, eases administration, controls the approval process, and reduces costs.

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