Fund Administration System

Win More Clients and Provide World Class Client Service

Transfer Agency System meets the needs of most modern fund complexities and their administrators. Tailored specifically for the financial services industry, NTAS® is a high-quality, cost effective, robust, and scalable solution for the challenges of effective fund administration.

Many of the most respected organizations in the investment industry have chosen NTAS® to administer thousands of funds and over one trillion dollars in assets.

Features of NTAS® include:

Investor Registration Register Unlimited Funds, Holders, Accounts and Related Parties

Cash Management Full tracking of Multi-Currency payments

Trade Processing Subscriptions, Redemptions, Switches, Transfers, Dividends, Side Pockets

Compliance Robust AML, KYC, PEP, CFT system

Reporting Automatically distribute over 400 types of reports, contract notes, and statements

Fee Processing Incentive, Administration, Management, and Trailer Fees, and Loads

Some of the many fund complexes supported by NTAS® are:

  • Series
  • Equalization
  • Limited Partnership
  • Private Equity
  • Master/Feeder
  • Fund of Funds
  • Side Pockets
  • Money Markets
  • Mutual Funds