Universal Regulatory Engine

Legislation regulating the financial industry

The KOGER® Universal Regulatory Engine offers a comprehensive approach to complying with worldwide governmental legislations. Providing an automated approach to tracking, recording, reviewing and reporting financial records in line with government law.

The Universal Regulatory Engine offers complete storage of all investor information including multiple nationalities, residency periods, country codes, etc. It also tracks underlying beneficial owners and provides real time asset calculations.

Features of KURE Include:

  • Identifying and recording compliance data.
  • Regulation has defined fields that correlate directly to the government requirements.
  • Regulations can be being applied at multiple levels, allowing for complete tracking and transparency through any investment structure.
  • Includes maker/checker functionality with unlimited checkers available.
  • Relevant data is easily accessible for business users.
  • The Regulatory Engine enables users to perform logic based searches.
  • KURE’s Interactive Dialogue generates customizable queries.
  • Out of the box reporting includes all information from the Regulatory Engine.
  • XML reports created in accordance with IRS, OECD and HMRC approved schemas.