KOGER® Automates Private Equity Administration and Distribution Waterfall

PE administration platform manages the entire investor process

KOGER® Inc., global financial services technology company, announced that it has updated its private equity administration platform to manage the entire investor process, including automation of the distribution waterfall.

“We have found that many asset managers are still using spreadsheets for complex functions such as calculation of the waterfall. Investors are looking for transparency and accuracy is critical for fund managers. Our technology streamlines these processes and provides private equity CFOs with greater operational efficiency,” said Ras Sipko, KOGER® chief operating officer.

KOGER’s platform handles comprehensive PE processes, from customer relationship management to investor allocations and automation of the waterfall, as well as reporting, regulation and compliance. It automates investor management, client onboarding, complex fee automation and transaction processing. The technology for waterfall calculations allows PE administrators to manage profit interests, track deal profits, and reconcile underlying cash flows and configurations.

Most PE solutions calculate waterfalls based on pre-defined orders. KOGER® eliminated the need for pre-defined orders and removed the dependency of layers. The company’s software is designed with each layer of waterfall as a separate module which the fund can set up based on its specific needs. The asset manager can create layers of waterfall in many different orders and methods. Waterfall calculations are configurable for the whole fund or deal by deal.

In addition to the modularized waterfall calculations, the software provides a validation tool for each layer of the waterfall, based on parameters set up by the user. It eliminates any issues with inaccurate waterfall calculations that might occur due to incorrect setup of the waterfall.

Founded in 1994, KOGER® has provided software solutions to the financial services sector for more than 20 years. KOGER’s technology for investor services, compliance and business process management supports more than 8,000 funds with $2 trillion in assets. The company works with fund service providers, financial institutions and global asset managers, including hedge funds, private equity funds, retail funds and pension funds.

About KOGER®

KOGER Inc. is a global financial services technology company that provides software for investor services, compliance, and business process management. KOGER’s technology supports more than 8,000 investment funds with $2 trillion in assets. The company’s product suite automates transfer agency processes and administration; Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM); and business process management. Since 1994, KOGER® has provided software solutions for the world’s largest financial firms. The company works with fund service providers and global asset managers, including hedge funds, private equity funds, retail funds and pension funds. KOGER® has offices in the US, UK and Europe.