July 12, 2017 | PRESS RELEASES

KOGER's PENTAS® PE Admin Platform Automates the Distribution Waterfall

KOGER Inc., leading financial services technology company, announced that its PENTAS® platform for private equity firms has incorporated functionality to automate the distribution waterfall. PENTAS® streamlines and automates the administration of PE funds and is designed for all fund structures.

"The calculation and execution involved with the distribution waterfall present some of the most complex operations for private equity firms. Our PENTAS® PE platform automates and simplifies the process, offering flexibility and control in tracking commitments, processing capital calls and calculating distributions for increased accuracy and efficiency," said Ras Sipko, KOGER® Chief Operating Officer.

PENTAS® automates the comprehensive calculation of the distribution process, from return of capital and preferred return, to the distribution waterfall and carried interest split. It offers flexible drawdown and distribution tracking, as well as versatile setup of partners' commitments at each stage of the fund cycle. The platform provides cash flow tracking on receipts to allow for a simplified bank reconciliation process.

The PENTAS® software also offers optional fundraising and deal flow modules, providing PE firms with a comprehensive platform that automates both the back and front office. It can be used by all types of funds, including pure private equity funds, master feeder and fund of funds.

"We have designed the platform to be nimble for all types and sizes of funds, with comprehensive functionality that can scale easily to meet the changing requirements of asset managers," Ras Sipko said.

PENTAS® is part of the product suite for the company's flagship NTAS® platform for fund administration and compliance. NTAS®, which supports more than 8,000 funds with $2 trillion in assets, is a share registry system that manages fund tracking, reporting and fee calculation. It handles daily transfer agency recordkeeping, investor registration, cash management, trade processing, compliance, reporting and fee processing for hedge funds and private equity, as well as mutual funds, money market funds and pension funds.

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