May 11th 2023

Deep Pool Sponsors The Next Tech Generation

By Pavol Szeles

At Deep Pool, we are always keen to encourage innovation and provide opportunities for the next generation of IT developers to get a start in the industry. So participating in the 2023 Scientific Conference of Young Researchers (SCYR) PhD awards – an event held on 20 April at the Technical University of Košice in Slovakia, and co-sponsored by Deep Pool – was a special moment.

Košice has become a renowned global information and communication technology cluster. The Košice IT Valley association was established in 2007 as a joint initiative between the city’s educational institutions, government and leading IT companies, and has helped turn Košice into a Central and Eastern European Silicon Valley. Hundreds of IT companies now have a presence in the area, with Deep Pool one of the first foreign tech firms to see the potential and set up shop here.

Long-term educational supporter

Deep Pool’s partnership with the Technical University of Košice – the city’s largest, with over 16,000 students, including almost 900 doctoral students – goes back almost 20 years.

During that time, we have been an active supporter of the university’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, a role that includes sponsoring a laboratory and collaborating in its final degree programme. Over the years we have also hired many talented students from the Faculty, who have since gone on to build successful careers as developers in our team.

But sponsoring the SCYR awards (with the prize money we have added to it!) adds a new dimension to our relationship as we seek to help students further their research and progress their education.

Two prizes with software industry applications

Doctoral theses in the Faculty cover a wide range of topics across the computer science and electrical engineering domains. This year we sponsored two prizes, the themes of which have close applications for our industry.

The first was won by Filip Gurbál, a third-year PhD student in Computer Science for his thesis “Clustering UI test cases for effective prioritisation and selection.”

UI testing features extensively in the software industry and is something we use heavily when testing our products. Filip’s paper looked at how specification-based testing can introduce redundancies in the test cases and how to reduce these redundancies. The method also helps with test prioritisation and selection “thanks to hierarchical clustering based on test case similarities.” It is a topic we are keen to discuss more with Filip, to see if there are any tools or methodologies we could incorporate to reinforce our procedures and flows.

The other prize went to Róbert Rauch, a second-year doctoral student in the field of informatics. His dissertation “Accelerating computer vision tasks via vehicular edge computing” investigates deep learning, a critical technology for applications such as autonomous driving, which require speed, reliability and accuracy.

“To accelerate the inference of increasingly complex deep neural networks, novel approaches such as early exiting (EE) and split computing (SC) are emerging,” Róbert’s paper notes. But enabling EE and SC requires more research to find optimal exit and split points. Róbert’s thesis addresses these issues, producing an approach that is “faster and achieves higher accuracy when compared to the state-of-the-art Edgent framework.”

Fostering the next tech generation

To us, sponsoring such prizes is a win-win, for the students and Deep Pool. They get the academic recognition, some valuable financial support for their education and a potential career opening down the line. We establish relationships with some of the university’s brightest minds, who may in time bring their skills to Deep Pool as future employees.

We see this as both an ongoing opportunity and a responsibility. It is incumbent on us, and our peers across industries and the globe, to take care of the next generation. To spend time with them, teach and learn from them. We will all ultimately benefit.

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