Advanced investor servicing
for fund administrators and
fund managers.



Take total control of your day to-day transfer agency record keeping, shareholder registry, complex fee calculations and reporting.

Enhanced operational efficiency, client service, transparency and security at your fingertips.

Product Overview
The fund administration gold standard.


All fund structures
Support for all hedge fund, private equity and retail fund structures, enabling users to adopt a single operating model, with consolidated reporting and a unified client experience.
Customisable reporting
Automated and customisable investor, regulatory, operational, audit and user-defined reporting capabilities, with dynamic report scheduling and multi-format data export facilities, offering both dynamic report generation and static report retrieval.
Shareholder registry
Automate recording and maintenance of the investor shareholder register for all types of hedge, retail, partnership, private equity, fund of funds and master-feeder structures.
Automated trade processing
Increase efficiency with STP processing of subscriptions, redemptions, switches, transfers, dividends and side pockets.
Fee calculations
Fast, accurate and automated performance and incentive fee calculations, with full support for equalisation, series and limited partnership methods. Automated calculation of trailer fees and transaction-based fees.
Capital gains/withholding tax can be calculated/reported at source plus facility to manage EU Savings Directive.
NAV processing
Automated profit and loss allocation and NAV processing, including investor allocations of fund valuations, estimated and final valuation recording, FX hedging and side pocket allocation calculations.
Data exchange
ISO 20022 messaging support and API-enabled third-party system integration automate data imports and exports.
User and data security
Best practice security protections include dual key, maker/checker transaction controls, row-level security and tailored user permissions.
Event-based processing and reporting
Automation of defined processes based on a singular event within the application.
Bespoke user portal
Multilingual and multi-functional web portal provides interactive dashboards and reports, online trade input and tracking, eForm processing, and 360⁰ view of limited partner accounts and associated relationships to enhance two-way fund/investor communications and interaction.
Global support
24/7 support for clients from Sydney to San Francisco.


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