Deep Pool combines fund administration and transfer agency expertise with unrivalled technology capabilities for traditional and hybrid private equity funds. Our easy-to-use solution suite automates and streamlines all those complex, error-prone tasks, so you can get on with running your business.


Deliver exceptional client service with our automated investor management, transaction processing and reporting platform.

Shareholder registry
Automate maintenance of the shareholder register.
Fund lifecycle management
Set up partner commitments at each stage of the fund lifecycle, with flexible drawdown and distribution tracking.
Compliance controls
Robust, one-stop shop solution for multi-jurisdictional regulatory requirements, providing automated AML, FATCA/CRS and GDPR controls, and streamlined regulatory reporting.
NAV processing
Automated profit and loss allocation and NAV processing, including investor allocations of fund valuation, estimated and final valuation recording, FX hedging and side pocket allocation calculations.
Fee calculations
Automate complex waterfall and fee calculations for both whole fund and deal-by-deal, with what-ifs and projections modelling, and close rebalancing and equalisation.
Transaction processing
Efficient, STP order management and execution, with maker/checker review controls, detailed audit trails and tailored user permissions.
Cash management
Automated payment management.
Workflow management
Workflow-enabled business processing and document management through intuitive, customisable dashboards to improve controls, cross-team collaboration and processing efficiencies.
System integration
Open architecture enables easy integration with other systems for seamless, automated data exchange in real time or via scheduled import/export.
Data analytics
Make more intelligent business decisions with powerful data analytics of metrics such as TWR, IRR and TVPI.
Customisable reporting
Automated and customisable investor, regulatory and internal reporting, with dynamic report scheduling, automated distribution, multi-format data export facility and advanced document management.
LP and GP web portal
Bespoke multilingual and multi-functional web portal offers interactive dashboards and reports, online trade input and tracking, and 360⁰ view of limited partner accounts and associated relationships to enhance two-way client communications and interaction.



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