Regulated financial institutions face a growing array of complex, multi-jurisdictional regulatory responsibilities. Tap Deep Pool’s expertise to ease your compliance burden.


Automate your regulatory responsibilities with Deep Pool.

Customer onboarding
Customisable, risk-based AML/KYC and CTF compliance with advanced investor and beneficial owner screening, source of funds/wealth checks and automated document checklists. Static data and documents are centralised so they can be reused across multiple regulations.
Ongoing due diligence
Automate email requests for missing documentation, conduct ongoing sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEPs) screening, and catch trigger events and suspicious transactions in real time.
GDPR-compliant customer offboarding
GDPR-compliant solution can purge and mask customer data, track inactive or obsolete accounts, and monitor jurisdictions’ data retention policies to stay up-to-date with current rules.
Beneficial ownership tracking
Capture and track complex, multi-level ownership structures, identify and verify customer and beneficial ownership identities, and flag high-risk relationships.
Suspicious activity monitoring
Capabilities include real-time identification of activity that breaches user-defined parameters, identification of AML risks, automated alerts of suspicious activity and blocking of accounts if suspicious events occur.
FATCA/CRS reporting
FATCA and CRS onboarding, ongoing event monitoring and reporting based on comprehensive indicia searches and a jurisdiction-specific rules engine, automated tax and self-certification form collection and validation, GIIN/TIN validation and monitoring, plus automated FATCA and CRS filing.
Centralised dashboard
Customisable dashboards provide real-time analytics, tracking and reporting of KPIs, metrics and other key data points.
Digital document repository
Secure document management solution compatible with faxes, emails and scanned documentation, providing document splitting and merging, OCR & QR barcode integration for efficient data capture and digitisation of document workflows, advanced search capabilities and document sharing across regulations.
Web portal
Bespoke web portal can be easily integrated with third-party applications, and offers interactive dashboards and real-time access to reports, 360⁰ view of accounts and associated relationships, and e-form and checklist processing.



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