Retail funds bring diverse distribution connectivity, regulatory and servicing challenges. Our automated solution suite combines rich real-time capabilities with unlimited scalability to meet all your administration needs, regardless of fund complexity.


All fund types
Support for all types of vanilla and complex retail, hybrid and alternative funds, enabling users to adopt a single operating model, with consolidated reporting and a unified client experience.
Unlimited scalability
Cloud-native platform delivers unlimited on-demand scalability and functionality.
Real-time processing
Real-time processing ensures users have up-to-date information on positions, order flow, redemptions and cashflows
Distribution network connectivity
Automate trade instructions and notifications through flexible connectivity to distribution platforms, with real-time visibility of order and/or payment status.
Investor registration
Automated registration of unlimited funds, holders, accounts and related parties, with investor and counterparty data management.
Compliance controls
Meet multi-jurisdictional AML/KYC and FATCA/CRS responsibilities, including anti-fraud checks, suspicious transaction monitoring and regulatory filings.
Trade processing
Straight-through processing of subscriptions, redemptions, transfers and dividends, backed by maker/checker reviews, detailed audit trails and event-based reporting.
Cash management
Automated multicurrency cash collection, reconciliations and settlement.
Fee calculations
Automate all management, trailer and performance fee calculations.
NAV processing
Automated profit and loss allocation and NAV processing, including investor allocations of fund valuation, estimated and final valuation recording, FX hedging and side pocket allocation calculations.
Workflow management
Customisable dashboards and analytics deliver business intelligence to track and improve workflow-enabled processes, data capture and document management.
Taxation rule engine
Flexible taxation rule engine supports EU Savings Directive tax compliance, withholding tax management and K-1 reporting.
Customisable reporting
Customisable regulatory, operational, compliance, audit and user-defined report capabilities, with dynamic report scheduling and multi-format data export facility.
Client portal
Bespoke web portal offers interactive dashboards and reports, online trade input and tracking, and 360⁰ view of accounts to enhance client communication and interaction.
System integration
Open architecture enables seamless exchange of data with other systems in real time or via scheduled import/export.



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